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Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Media & Event Communications:

In complement with your existing team or agency, tap Cinergy Group's network of creative professionals for cost-effective marketing, publicity, advertising, multi-platform media, event management and audio-visual solutions to help you:  

  • Boost revenues

  • Build brand awareness

  • Reach and expand target markets

  • Increase membership, meeting registration, event attendance

  • Educate the public, employees, patients, customers or clients

  • Launch new programs

  • Drive audience tune-in (e.g. radio, TV, web)

  • Get interviews on radio, TV, web videos.

Utilize Cinergy Group's market research analysis experts with proven strategies that make you shine from start to finish such as:

  • Multi-platform Digital and Social Media Campaigns

  • Event marketing and outreach

  • Print collateral materials, brochures, post cards, mail inserts 

  • Newspaper and magazine articles or advertisements 

  • Online email campaigns, mailings, brochures

  • Website content creation, copywriting, and videos

  • Sponsorship Development and Opportunities

  • TV/Radio/Print/Digital Media buy negotiation and placement

Film, TV, Video, Digital Media & Events:

Everyone, every business and organization has a story.  What is yours? Craft your message, produce a web video, celebrate achievements or create an archival memoir utilizing Cinergy Group's award-winning Meeting/Event Planners, Writers, Producers,Directors, Videographers, Photograghers, Cinematographers, Production Crews and Professional Talent. ​

  • Virtual Conference and Event Planning, Logistical Coordination

  • Audio-Visual/Multi-Media Presentations

  • Event Videography, Photography, LiveStreams, Cisco Webex.

  • Script-to-Screen Film, Television and Video Production

  • Write, Produce, Direct, Shoot, Edit:  Documentary & Narrative Film, TV & Radio Programs, Spots, Web Content

  • Independent Project Consulting or a la carte freelance support tailored to your needs.​

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Partnership & Leadership Development:

Bridge commercial, community and charitable interests to achieve your mission, enhance your bottom line, and serve the greater good with the wisdom of Cinergy Group's partnership and leadership development strategists, coaches and consultants.  

Executive Leadership/Organizational Development - Optimize peak performance, productivity,  and profitability cost-efficient systems, outcomes and revenues with Cinergy Group's executive trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants and strategic partners available through Zoom, Skype, LiveStream, webinars and live events, subject to COVID quarantine orders.

Strategic Partnership Development may involve, but is not limited to:​​

  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses

  • Major Corporations and Brands

  • Nonprofit & Professional Trade Associations

  • Faith-Based Organizations

  • Local, State and Federal Government Agencies

  • Medical & Holistic Healthcare​

  • Food and Beverages

  • Literary, Visual and Performing Arts

  • Educational Institutions & Outreach

  • Historical Societies

  • Environmental Global Initiatives

  • Sports and Entertainment

  • Media Partnerships & Community Engagement

  • Movies, Documentary Films, Multi-Platform Media Projects & more

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Workplace Wellness, Health & Safety
Personalized Health Transformation 

Growing a healthy business or organization starts with healthy leaders and teams.  Let Cinergy Group develop a health and wellness program tailored to your needs.   Apply the latest scientific, evidenced-based research from leading integrative medicine and naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, certified health coaches, wellness and holistic health practitioners to enhance well-being.

Workplace Wellness - Enhance mindful organizational leadership, team productivity, employee retention, and business growth as you embrace best practices for healthier workplace environments and enrich the wellness of executives, employees and volunteers.

Wellness Media:  Develop healthy habits or inspire others by sharing your story via our website videos and multi-platform media, podcasts, radio and TV programs.   

Personalized Health Coaching - Visualize your ideal self and live it, manage weight and stress with the support of a confidential consultation by phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person. 

Group Classes - Join a community of like-minded people who desire to manage weight, stress and balance their life - mind, body and spirit. Discover sustainable 21 to 40 Day Weight Loss Plans, natural holistic health practices, and whole foods nutrition to enhance your energy.

Healing Resources & Referrals - for persons with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, associated with employee assistance programs, workplace health and safety, trauma, learning disabilities, brain and behavioral health. 

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