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OLIVER STONE and DAVIS GUGGENHEIM at the American Film Institute/Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival. Posted with permission. 
SEBASTIAN JUNGER, RESTREPO at the Silverdocs Film Festival.


Courtesy of Total Living Network, Chicago.

Associate Producer Demo Reel,

Courtesy of ABC National News,

Karyn Taylor, Producer/Director

Production Coordinator Demo Reel, Courtesy of Dean River Productions, Worldwide Pictures, Los Angeles. 


Cinergy Group connects the power of life-enriching film, television, and digital media with individuals, brands, and organizations seeking to build market share, raise funds, increase brand awareness, promote a cause, mobilize social action, or enhance global culture.


Organizations served include:


America's All Stars (Cause:  Youth Patriotism & Responsibility) Partners:  NBC Today, Salvation Army, Fairfax Public Schools)


Sheridan Arts Foundation founded by Hollywood actor Keith Carradine, (Cause:  Performing Arts Education, Historic Theater Acquisition & Preservation) Partner:  Scholastic Publishing, New Learning Project, PBS.


and more.


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