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Director/Producer Demo Reel:  Denene interviews OLIVER STONE, DAVIS GUGGENHEIM and 84 world-renowned filmmakers at the American Film Institute/Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival. Posted with permission. 
Director/Producer:  Denene interviews SEBASTIAN JUNGER, RESTREPO at the Silverdocs Film Festival.


Courtesy of Total Living Network, Chicago.

Associate Producer Demo Reel,

Courtesy of ABC National News,

Karyn Taylor, Producer/Director

Production Coordinator Demo Reel, Courtesy of Dean River Productions, Worldwide Pictures, Los Angeles. 


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America's All Stars (Cause:  Youth Patriotism & Responsibility) Partners:  NBC Today, Salvation Army, Fairfax Public Schools)
Sheridan Arts Foundation founded by Hollywood actor Keith Carradine, (Cause:  Performing Arts Education, Historic Theater Acquisition & Preservation) Partner:  Scholastic Publishing, New Learning Project, PBS.
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