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In complement with your existing team or agency, tap Cinergy Group's network of creative professionals for cost-effective marketing, publicity, advertising, multi-platform media, event management and audio-visual solutions to help you:  


Everyone, every business and organization has a story.  What is yours? Craft your message, produce a web video, celebrate achievements or create an archival memoir utilizing Cinergy Group's award-winning Meeting/Event Planners,


Bridge commercial, community and charitable interests to achieve your mission, enhance your bottom line, and serve the greater good with the wisdom of Cinergy Group's partnership and leadership development strategists, coaches and consultants.  


Growing a healthy business or organization starts with healthy leaders and teams.  Let Cinergy Group develop a health and wellness program tailored to your needs. Apply the latest scientific, evidenced-based research from leading integrative 


Children's Hospitals

Scripps Hospitals and Institute

Cardiology Annual Conference

National Education Conference

National Institutes of Health, U.S. Health and Human Services (Lanmark Technology Inc., International Development & Research)


Denene Deverman Crabbs 

Focusing on Your Life & Leadership through a New Lens


Are you looking for more time-efficient, cost-effective, ways to achieve your mission, message and money goals? 


Do you want to optimize healthy peak performance, profitability

and positive social change in your sphere of influence?


Would you like more clarity regarding your calling and how your

story can contribute to enriching your business, community and global impact?


Cinergy Group LLC (aka Cinergy Communications and Consulting) empowers leaders to transform lives, business and culture for healthier communities and a healthier bottom line through strategic partnerships, training programs and compelling stories.

Serving individuals, businesses and organizations in the Washington DC Metro Region and beyond.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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